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For over 50 years, servant leadership has been the best kept secret in management.




So What Is Servant Leadership Anyway?

Servant Leadership Canada

In many ways, it been there all along- right in front of our faces. We just didn't see it.

In our defense, it was easy to miss- you won't find it on the shelf at your local book store, and although pieces of its overall philosophy have been woven into a number of other leadership models, it isn't mentioned as much as it should be.

What are we talking about?



We See Servant Leadership Design Differently.

Servant Leadership Design

For over 50 years, servant leadership has been the best kept secret in management.

We think it’s time to let you in on that secret.

A few years ago, we found our calling when we discovered servant leadership. A leadership philosophy that seemed to bring together the many different beliefs that we've gathered over the last 20 years in the leadership field. We believe that there are three very distinct circles of influence when it comes to designing our definition of servant leadership.



Want to take the next step? We've got a course for that. 

ervant Leadership Courses

Servant leadership may be the most important leadership philosophy that you've never heard of. The Servant Leadership Centre of Canada is out to change that with a certification course that will provide you with the essentials you will need to better understand the purpose, prinicples and practice of servant leadership.



We've got a boat load of services to launch you into Servant Leadership.

Servant Leadership Services

The Servant Leadership Centre of Canada has the experts in the field of servant leadership, organizational design and corporate culture that can help any organization looking to integrate the servant leadership philosophy into their organization.


“Servant Leadership shares power & control to drive engagement.”

KEVAN MCBETH  |  Co-Founder